Register with Sharks

Online Registration for the 2018 Winter Competition is not open yet!

The competition begins in March/April 2018. Stay in touch for info about our muster inFebruary!Online registration

1. Click the ‘online rego’ button (right).
2. Select the number of players (children are under 18) in your family that you are registering (you’ll be automatically prompted to register the next member of your family)

3. If you have never played in a Toowoomba Touch Competition before, select ‘I’m registering for the first time’ and go to the next instruction in this list (#4)…

For returning players the registration process has changed slightly this year! If you have played in a Toowoomba Touch Competition before, you’ll need the email address you used to register last time.

If you can’t remember it or it has changed – you’ll need to contact the TTA.

4. When you have entered your email address you’ll be prompted to select a password. Another change from previous years – choose a password that you will remember. Please note: protect yourself by choosing a password that includes capitals and punctuation marks.

5. Enter your Team Code and select the person you are registering from the drop down menu

6. Fill in all information indicated with an asterisk on the ‘Initial Information’ tab, and click ‘Continue’.

7. Read the ‘Terms and Conditions’. If you agree, tick the box and click ‘Confirm’ to finalise your registration. Under 18s please note that in accepting the Terms and Conditions your Parent/ Guardian is consenting to your participation in the competition.

Please contact us if you have any problems registering online.